4 Semester Option

Students must take all of the 1st Semester required courses in the Fall.

At the beginning of the 2nd Semester (Spring) students may elect the two year option. This is the only election point.

If elected, one- 2nd Semester (Spring) course needs to be deferred until the following Spring (this would allow for a substitute elective during the 2nd semester).

The 3rd Semester (Fall) would remain as is.

The 4th Semester (Spring) would require enrollment in the previous Spring (2nd Semester) deferred course plus a minimum of 2 other qualifying electives (4 credits each).

International students must have a minimum of 12 hours per semester.

International students will also need to update their I-20 to reflect a new program end date.

Tuition and Fees would be paid at the same rate for the 4th semester.

Other GPA etc. requirements would remain the same with a 2.75 minimum GPA  on All courses taken.

Graduation would be in May.

Diagrammatically the course timeline would be as follows:

15 Month Standard 4 Required Courses 4 Required Courses 3 Required Courses
+1 Elective
  12 Courses,
December Graduation
4 Semester Option 4 Required Courses 3 Required Courses
+1 Elective
3 Required Courses
+1 Elective
1 Deferred Required Course
+ Minimum of 2 Electives
15 Courses,
May Graduation