Graduate Degree Programs in Financial Engineering

The Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) degree program is jointly sponsored by the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (ISE) in The Grainger College of Engineering and the Department of Finance in the Gies College of Business. Graduates from this program receive the MSFE degree awarded by the Graduate College. The MSFE program complements other graduate programs offered by the sponsoring departments. The Master of Science in Financial Engineering (terminal master’s) can be completed in 15 or 24 months, beginning in August each year. The second and subsequent semesters allow students the flexibility to pursue specialized tracks within the program, such as data analytics and electronic trading. A corporate-sponsored “practicum”, provides students opportunities to address real world financial modeling problems and provides access to state-of-the-art analytic tools and software products.

Curriculum Requirements

First Semester (Fall)

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Course Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 500 Introduction to Finance 4
FIN 553 Machine Learning in Finance 4
IE 522 Statistical Methods in Finance 4
IE 523 Financial Computing 4
Total required hours this semester: 16

Second Semester (Spring)

Course Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 512 Financial Derivatives 4
IE 525 Stochastic Calculus & Numerical Models in Finance 4
Concentrations /
early Practicum+ 
Total required hours this semester: 16

Third Semester (Fall)

Course Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 516 Term Structure
(1st 8 weeks)
IE 524 Optimization in Finance
(1st 8 weeks)
Concentrations /
Total required hours this semester: 16


Other Requirements:
- A minimum of 48 hours required to graduate
- Minimum GPA: 2.75
- Credit overloads may be available in 2nd and 3rd semesters
- Students may secure an internship in the summer between second and third semesters

 Practicum must be taken in third semester if not taken in second semester


How the hours breakdown:

A Minimum of 48 hours required for graduation
28 Required core hours
4 Required practicum hours
16 Elective/concentration hours
48 Hours required to graduate