Recruiter Services

We provide the following support for your recruiting efforts:

On-line Recruiting System - I-LINK.

The recruiting software I-LINK allows you to:

  • View applicants’ resumes and cover letters
  • Search for candidates with profiles and/or resumes in the system
  • Edit your company profile and post jobs
  • Select candidates for interviews
  • View your interview schedules

Electronic Job Postings. You can promote opportunities to our students by completing the job posting form which is provided to recruiters at no charge.  You can direct interested candidates to apply either through your website or an email address you provide.  

Electronic Resume Books. This service, which will include the resumes of MSFE students seeking internships (May-August 2016) and full time employment (December 2016), is available for a nominal yearly fee. Please contact the MSFE Office at 217-333-3284 if you wish to receive a Resume Book.

On-Campus Career Fairs. MSFE employers can choose from a number of career fairs to access qualified students. Download the Career Services Recruiting Guide (.pdf) for all the details, and click here for the complete listing of career fair opportunities. 

On-Campus Interviewing and Information Sessions. Contact The MSFE Office at 217-333-3284 to discuss your needs and schedule a date or dates for your on-campus recruiting or company-sponsored information sessions.

Travel Information 

Including, driving instructions, parking information, hotel/motel accommodations near campus, and airport information. 

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