Photo of Akhil

Akhil Surannanavar 2018
"The program is very well designed keeping present day industry requirements in mind, the best part of the course is the Practicum, where we get to work on real time projects with a firm. The curriculum just makes you industry ready!"

Photo of Kruttika

Kruttika Swaminathan 2017
"MSFE is a tough and challenging program, there's no doubt about it. But in such a community, where you're surrounded by other talented and passionate hard-working individuals, there are numerous opportunities to learn and grow. The program incorporates a congruous blend of business and engineering courses, besides constantly giving you the chance to make powerful and meaningful professional contacts. Being around people from different cultures and backgrounds has been an enlightening experience in many ways, and I've made some amazing friends here. There is also never a dull moment in this university, which, while being one of the best academic institutions in the country, also gives you one of the best social experiences. I'm glad I attended this program, and would especially recommend it to anybody interested in pursuing a career in the FinTech world!"

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Photo of James

James Karam 2017
"From studying with colleagues, spending the night at the hotel after attending an elective in Chicago, or enjoying a tour in New York after a career fair, the program provides a lot of opportunities to bond with fellow students and develop long lasting relationships."

Photo of James

Jesus Miguel Ramirez Castro 2017
"Going to school after working for a while can be tough and boring if the program delves into lots of theory. Well, at UIUC it wasn't like that. In fact, in this program I found a good balance between theory and practical implementation in many of the courses I enrolled. I would say the program was challenging, which makes it exciting from my point of view, and that was probably the driving force that keep me working on it the entire course. This wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement that professors gave me with their commitment to learning and growth of my class"