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Mid-term MSFE students will be available for summer internships from May 15 through the third week of August. Graduating students will complete their degree requirements by the end of the third week of December, and will be available for full-time employment after that date. 

The MSFE program provides support for your recruiting through the College of Engineering Career Services (ECS) and through the College of Business Career Services (BCS).  This includes the recruiting software I-LINK, which allows employers to search for candidates using various criteria, view candidates’ resumes and cover letters, edit company profiles, select candidates for interviews, and view interview schedules.  We also provide electronic job posting, and (electronic) resume books.   Detailed information about our recruiting services may be found at the link below.

MSFE provides support for internship interviewing as well as for full-time positions. The MSFE summer internship is an excellent method for employers simultaneously to obtain high-quality assistance during the summer and to evaluate a candidate before committing to a permanent job offer. (There is no obligation to make a permanent job offer.)  Internships can begin in mid-May and continue through the third week in August.  

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Resume Books

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A key part of the MSFE program is the "practicum" course based on real-world projects provided by industry partners. In this course, teams of students will work on projects or problems posed by or developed in cooperation with an industry partner. Through these projects, students will be exposed to "real world" financial engineering and risk management problems. Students will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art analytic tools and software products to assist them in with such projects.

The projects are structured so that a finished product is delivered to the sponsor at the end of the Fall Semester.

The practicum is a win-win program. Students gain valuable experience and have an opportunity to significantly impact a company. Corporate partners see the practicum project as an opportunity to use talented, external manpower to tackle a project that requires specialized insight or tools. They also use the practicum as a chance to see your work on the job as a potential future employee.

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