Scholarship Winners

The MSFE Program is pleased to announce the results of our In-Program Outstanding Student Contributor Awards for the Fall Semester of 2018 in the Class of 2019.

The four scholarship recipients are:

While maintaining a very high GPA these students also contributed to the program by helping other students, representing the MSFE in competitions & showing initiative.

This semester's scholarship is a waiver of student fees (value $2,950 each). The Scholarship initiated by Parametric Re (a China Based Hedge fund) run by CEO Xiongwei Ju, a College of Business Alumnus and member of the MSFE Board of Advisors and is matched by contributions from the Chicago Trading Company, CME and the MSFE Program.

Yijun Lou, 2018 MSFE scholarship recipient

Yijun Lou

Undergraduate Degree
Computer Science & Statistics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Why Illinois
"First I really missed the life in this campus after I finished my bachelor degree, and one of my best friends was a Ph.D. student here, he was another main reason for me to come back here."

Favorite MSFE Class
IE 598 - Machine Learning in Finance

Career Goal
"I may either get into technology companies like Google or Amazon as a software developer or become a data scientist in finance companies. After cumulating some experience in those major companies, I will start my own business and apply high technology into the traditional financial industry to help people manage their assets."

Stephen Pretto, 2018 MSFE scholarship recipient

Stephen Pretto

Undergraduate Degree
Computer Science

Why Illinois
"The highly ranked MSFE program and Engineering college made Illinois the clear choice for me. The program here offers broad and in-depth exposure to the field of quantitative finance and appeals to students like myself who come from non-financial or multidisciplinary backgrounds. Illinois means all the benefits of studying in a campus town while still having close proximity to the major financial center of Chicago."

Favorite MSFE Class
FIN 500 - Introduction to Finance

Career Goal
Algorithmic trading

Wenning Li, 2018 MSFE scholarship recipient

Wenning Li

Undergraduate Degree
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Why Illinois
"I chose our program because UIUC has the top engineering school in the world. And this program provides a balanced curriculum covering finance, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and also machine learning. Also, I cherish a large number of practical opportunities offered along with courses to apply the knowledge."

Favorite MSFE Classes

  • IE 525 - Financial Computing
  • FIN 500 - Introduction to Finance
  • IE 598 - Machine Learning in Fin Lab
  • FIN 567 - Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 512 - Financial Derivatives

Career Goal
Risk Management/ Asset Management/ Financial Modelling

Zhanjie Shen, 2018 MSFE scholarship recipient

Zhanjie Shen

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Economics in Financial Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Beihang University

Why Illinois
"I chose Illinois for its great reputation for brilliant engineering college and academic achievements. The MSFE program manages to integrate computational tools and mathematical modeling with an in-depth study of modern finance, which would offer systematic training that addresses my confusion and provides comprehensive training of skills and expertise needed in finance industry."